Personnel security



We offer individuals professional personal security services to be protected against unlawful acts. Employees who have completed a full course of specialized training, in accordance with international standards, are provided as bodyguards. We ensure the safety of clients and their families on tourist trips, business trips, and recreation places around the world. Creating a successful prevention program means the identification and analyze of the risks that employees will be exposed to when traveling, residing and working in a particular country.

The main goal of our company is

to prevent the danger and ensure the security of the person under protection, regardless of the situation and life circumstances.



Creation of the bodyguard team for persons and their families at risk (the quantitative composition of the team is determined based on the level of the threat to the person under the protection)

Checking the security of places of permanent residence, the study of the operational situation in the region;

Real-time exploration of a wide range of global resources to assess the risks to the client;

Communication with local law enforcement agencies in the implementation of protection;

Checking the safety of used routes, prompt response to changes;

Arranged, safe, and proven transport;

Planning the unforeseen circumstances;

Preliminary deployment of the team for checking (run security verification operation) and ensuring the security of new places for the client, assessment of the situation.